Adding Value on Day One and Beyond

What you’ve entered (or will enter) in your first ever, entry level job is a knowledge and service economy. Each and every one of us adds value to our businesses by using our knowledge to enrich the customer’s experience. Ensuring that when they need our business’s products or services again they become repeat customers as opposed to turning to one of our competitors.

Many of us want to make a difference in the companies that we work for but we believe that we first must learn all the rules and all the procedures before we can try to question or change them. Today, I’d like to challenge that thought process. Add value on day one!

This can be done in many ways, some small and others large but all noticeable. Think about employing a few of the things listed below, and learn just how much of a difference you can make on your first day and beyond.

  • Suggest changes that would’ve made your on-boarding process easier or more fulfilling.
  • Tidy any public space you come across whether it’s the employee restroom, the public rest room the filing room… anywhere.
  • Suggest changes you’d make to all things employee training to make it easier, more meaningful or more fulfilling.
  • If you work for an organization that uses a lot of acronyms/terms that the general public doesn’t, make note of them all, and send it to HR to give to other employees on their first day. That way everyone can be on the same page.
  • Notice something a lot of teammates or customers are complaining about, suggest a way to fix it (and work on that solution).
  • Notice something a lot of teammates don’t want to do (e.g. filing or copying) do at least some of it during your down-time, remember: team work makes the dream work.

All of the suggestions are things you can work on your first day, so be sure to be on the lookout to make a positive change.  Just make sure that as you spend more time in the organization, you begin to add value to your organization by using our knowledge you’ve gained since day one so that you can make bigger and more meaningful changes!


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